DevOps Engineering

Primus · September 3, 2022

This course is meant to be practical in nature. It will give learners the opportunity to be introduced into DevOps concepts and practically teach them what DevOps principles are. It shall leverage a series of tools, technologies and techniques to enhance the deployment of software. Students will learn tools like Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Argocd, Terraform, python, shell scripting and many others. This course will be practical in nature and will make learners job ready with real work environment scenarios and deployment projects. By the end of this course, learners will be able to successfully pass cutting edge industry certifications and land themselves high paying jobs as DevOps engineers in the IT market.

* Course Outline *
Introduction to Information Technology
Introduction to AWS and Core AWS Services
Introduction to DevOps
Linux Administration
Version Control (Git/GitHub)
Bash/Shell scripting
Jenkins/AWS with Jenkins
Terraform on AWS
Introduction to Algorithms
Python programming and automation with Python
Deployments with Kubernetes/ EKS
Monitoring with Prometheus/Grafana
Interview Preparations/ Resume Building
Continuous support

About Instructor


Primus Vekuh is a certified Cloud Engineer, with over 8 years of industry experience. He has extensive experience working across different Cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and Google cloud platforms. He has almost all the AWS Certs plus the professional AWS Solutions architect Certifications as well as the DevOps Engineer Professional Certification. He is the CTO of Primus Cloud Solutions, a cloud computing company that provides cloud computing services for businesses in the US and Africa. He is also the founder of Cloudi Africa, a tech news platform that is out to educate the African community on tech trends as well as helping the African tech community get updates on new technologies. He is a seasoned professional who has worked in fortune 500 Companies in the US, in Higher education, the Oil and Gas industry as well as managed teams in the consulting world. He has mentored many people in the IT industry and has begun a revolution in the IT industry, which is aimed at getting people with zero IT experience and getting them the skills they need to become experts, in particular, IT fields and by this transforming the traditional educational Ideology which has been degrees focused to a more hands-on model. He does this through Primus Learning, another platform which he founded. He is a PhD candidate in data science working towards a more comprehensive approach to IT.

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